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Prominent & Leading Wholesale Trader from Indore, we offer ism 5.0 insertion magmeter, sfm 6.1 ultrasonic slurry flow meter, portable transit time flow meter, radar level transmitter for liquid material and bearing tester.
  • ISM 5.0 Insertion Magmeter
  • ISM 5.0 Insertion Magmeter
  • ISM 5.0 Insertion Magmeter
ISM 5.0 Insertion Magmeter

ISM 5.0 Insertion Magmeter

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Analog outputSelectable 4-20mA, 0-5V or 0-10V
Flow Measurement Range0.1 to 20 ft/sec (0.03 to 6 m/sec), 2001 turndown
Nominal Pipe Size3'' to 72'' diameter (DN 75 mm to 1800 mm)
Liquid Temperature Range-15 deg to 250 deg F (-26 to 121 deg C)
Electronics Operating Temperature-20 deg to 150 deg F (-28 deg to 65 deg C)
Maximum Operating Pressure200 psi (14 bar)
Pressure DropLess than 0.1 psi (0.007 bar) at 12 ft/sec (3.65 m/sec)
Conductivity Range20 to 60,000 micrometerSiemens/cm
Power Input20-28VDC, 250mA @24VDC (6 Watts), 20-28VAC, 50-60Hz, 8VA
Frequency Output0-15V peak pulse, 0-500Hz
Signal Cable Length25 ft (7.6 m) PVC jacketed multi-conductor
Electronics EnclosureWatertight, airtight, dust proof (IP 68) powder coated cast aluminum
Wetted Materials316L stainless steel, polypropylene
Approximate Shipping Weight6 lbs (2.75 kg)
  • Accurate, Low Cost Alternative to Full-bore Magnetic Flow Meters
  • Measure flow of water and conductive liquids in full pipes from 3 to 72" (80 to 1800 mm) diameter.
  • The ISM 5.0 dual pair electrode sensor inserts through a tap in the pipe wall. It can be easily installed in new pipe systems or by hot tap in pressurized pipes with flowing liquids. There are no moving parts so obstruction to flow and pressure drop is minimal. Installation through a full port ball valve allows easy retraction and reinsertion without shutting down flow. The insertion depth is adjustable according to the pipe diameter and an insertion depth gauge is supplied with each flowmeter. The optional Installation Hardware Kit includes a branch outlet, close nipple and full port 1” isolation valve.
  • The ISM 5.0 Insertion Magmeter senses flow using a low maintenance electromagnetic design with no moving parts. The dual-electrode sensor and continuous auto-zero function provides high accuracy – even at low flow rates. State-of-the-art electronics and patented design features help maintain its NIST traceable accuracy over time.

No Onsite Calibration Required:
  • Based on your pipe type and size, liquid and flow rate each ISM 5.0 Insertion Magmeter is shipped from our factory configured for your application and ready to install. Connect the isolated 4-20mA output to control system or remote display, or use the relay pulse output.

How It Works:
  • The ISM 5.0 Insertion Magmeter operates based on Faraday’s Law of electromagnetic induction: as flow velocity of a liquid increases through the magnetic field generated by the sensor head of the ISM flow meter, electrodes measure the voltage increase to accurately calculate flow. Four electrodes measure the induced voltage on opposite sides of the sensor. The voltage readings are sampled and averaged.
  • The ISM 5.0 Insertion Magmeter measures flow of electrically conductive liquids (20 µS/cm or greater) in full pipes. For proper measurement on plastic pipes the electromagnetic flow meter requires electrical grounding by connection to grounding rings or ground probes inserted into the pipe. Readings are not affected by the fluid temperature, pressure or viscosity.

Insertion Magmeter Specifications:
  • Provide a Greyline ISM 5.0 Insertion Magmeter complete with all installation hardware necessary to enable insertion and removal of the meter without system shutdown. The flow meter shall be hand-insertable up to 400 psi. For installations in non-metallic pipe, install grounding rings or probes. Materials of construction for wetted metal components shall be 316 SS. The flow meter shall average velocity readings from two sets of diametrically opposed electrodes. Each flow meter shall be individually wet-calibrated against a primary volumetric standard that is accurate to within 0.1% and traceable to NIST*. A certificate of calibration shall be provided with each flow meter. Accuracy shall be within ± 1% of rate from 2-20 ft/s. Overall turndown shall exceed 100:1.
  • Output signals shall be completely isolated and shall consist of the following: (1) analog output; 4-20mA, 0-10V, or 0-5V jumper selectable, (1) scalable dry contact output for totalization, and (1) high resolution frequency output for use with peripheral devices. ISM 5.0-B for Bi-directional applications shall provide additional contact outputs for direction and flow totalization in each direction. Each flow meter shall be certified to NSF Standards and covered by the manufacturer’s two-year warranty.

Optional Flow Display:
  • D-100 Series Display Module for network interface and local / remote indication of flow rate and total.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: ISM5.0

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  • SFM 6.1 Ultrasonic Slurry Flow Meter
  • SFM 6.1 Ultrasonic Slurry Flow Meter
  • SFM 6.1 Ultrasonic Slurry Flow Meter
SFM 6.1 Ultrasonic Slurry Flow Meter

SFM 6.1 Ultrasonic Slurry Flow Meter

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Accuracy+/-2% of reading or 0.1 ft/sec (0.03 m/sec)
CalibrationBuilt-in 5-key calibrator with English, Spanish or French language selection
EnclosureNEMA4 stainless steel with window
OutputIsolated 4-20mA (1000 ohm load max.)
Flow Rate Range+/- 0.1 to 40 ft/sec (+/- 0.03 to 12.2 m/sec) in most applications
Pipe SizeAny pipe ID from 1/2'' to 180'' (12.7 mm to 4.5 m)
DisplayWhite, backlit matrix - displays flow rate, relay states, 16-digit totalizer, operating mode and cal
Power Input100-240VAC 50-60Hz (see Options), 2.4-5.6 Watts depending on options
Control RelaysQty 2, rated 5 amp SPDT, programmable flow alarm and/or proportional pulse
Electronics Operating Temperature-10 deg to 140 degF (-23 deg to 60 degC)
SensitivityAdjustable. Damping adjustable
Electrical Surge ProtectionSensor, 4-20mA output and AC power input
Shipping Weight21 lbs (10 kg)
  • Non-contacting flow monitoring specifically designed for limestone slurry, fly ash slurry, gypsum slurry and many others
  • The Greyline SFM 6.1 was specifically developed for the slurry applications found in today’s coal fired power plants. Using a proprietary algorithm specifically designed for measuring slurry flow, the SFM 6.1 incorporates more than 25 years of Greyline ultrasonic flow measurement experience.
  • The SFM 6.1 Slurry Flow Meter works best in applications that would defeat regular contacting flow meters. Because the Sensor is mounted on the outside of the pipe, it is unaffected by abrasive slurries or harsh chemicals. There is no obstruction to flow and no pressure drop.

Easy to Install:
  • Each SFM 6.1 Slurry Flow Meter includes a strap-on ultrasonic sensor, an adjustable stainless steel mounting clamp and sensor coupling compound. The sensor fits on the outside of any pipe diameter ½" (12.7 mm) or larger. It takes just a few minutes to install. There is no need to shut down flow.

Special Features:
  • Digital processing system tracks flow signals accurately and auto-zeroes with signal loss
  • Noise suppression circuitry filters “dirty” power and electrical interference from most VFD's
  • Automatically converts between measurement units (e.g. gallons or liters)
  • Calibration data and Totalizer values are stored automatically during power interruptions
  • Output “simulation” function simplifies calibration of remote devices (e.g. chart recorders or controllers)
  • Self-tunes to Sensor cable length
  • Optimized for Slurries
  • Easy, Intuitive Set-Up
  • 5 Button Menu System
  • Isolated 4-20mA Output
  • Up to 6 Control Relays
  • Optional Built In Data Logger

Slurry Flow Meter Specifications:Scope:
  • This specification covers a non-intrusive, ultrasonic Doppler-type slurry flow meter as manufactured by Greyline Instruments Inc., Largo, Florida / Long Sault, Ontario. The instrument shall provide for velocity or volumetric indicating and transmitting of the flow rate in a full pipe.

Performance Specifications:
  • The flow meter shall operate with a single-head flow sensor mounted externally on any contiguous pipe material that conducts sound including: carbon steel, stainless steel, ductile iron, copper, FRP, PVC, ABS, or cement lined pipe from 1/2" to 180" (12.5 mm to 4.5 m) ID.
  • Measure and indicate flow rates from +0.25 to +40 ft/sec and -0.25 to -40 ft/sec (+0.075 to +12.2 m/sec and -0.075 to -12.2 m/sec) with accuracy of ±2% of reading on liquids with entrained particles or gases of 100 microns or larger and minimum concentrations of 75 ppm.

Transducer (Flow Sensor):
  • The flow sensor shall be single-head, ultrasonic in a stainless steel housing. It shall be installed on the outside of a pipe without interrupting flow. The sensor shall be capable of continuous operation at temperatures from -40°F to 300°F (-40°C to 150°C), and to withstand accidental submersion pressures to 10 psi. Manufacturer's recommended coupling compound and stainless steel mounting clamp shall be included.
  • Shall include 20 ft (6m) Sensor cable, shielded coaxial pair.
  • Shall be capable of extending sensor cable up to 500 ft (152m) without requirement for operator adjustment.
  • Shall be transformer isolated and designed to meet intrinsic safe requirements. Shall be designed for maximum RFI rejection, and include automatic high voltage bleeds for nearby lightning strikes.
  • Sensor shall be rated Non-incendive for Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C & D locations.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: SFM6.1

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  • Portable Transit Time Flow Meter
  • Portable Transit Time Flow Meter
Portable Transit Time Flow Meter

Portable Transit Time Flow Meter

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Product Brochure

Accuracy+/-2% of reading in most applications
Fluid ApplicationRecommended for clean liquids with less than 2% solids or gas bubbles
Flow Rate Range0.65 to 40 ft/sec (0.2 to 12 m/sec)
Pipe Wall Thickness0.039 - 2.95'' (1 - 75 mm)
Totalizer12 digits - displays separate forward and reverse flow totals
Outputs0/4-20mA, 5V pulse (1 pulse/sec maximum) RS232 and USB for data transfer to a Windows PC
Electronics Operating Temperature32 deg to 122 degF (0 deg to 50 degC). Storage Temperature 14 deg to 140 degF (-10 deg to 60 degC)
Electronics EnclosureRated IP54, ABS portable
Carry CaseRated IP67 with protective molded foam insert
  • Portaflow PT500 with Data Logger and Sensors for a Wide Range of Pipe Sizes
  • With two pairs of Transducers, the PT500 works on a wide range of pipe sizes from 0.51 to 78” (13 to 2000 mm) pipe diameters. It includes a 200,000 point data logger with USB and RS232 outputs.
  • The simple, quick-start calibration system calculates sensor separation distance based on pipe diameter and pipe wall material. Flow is displayed in your choice of engineering units. Data can be stored in selectable intervals from 5 seconds to 1 hour and displayed on the instrument in text or graph format.
  • The PT500 includes a watertight IP67 rated carrying case with foam padded compartments for the flowmeter components. Compact, rugged and reliable, the PT500 is designed for accurate performance in a wide range of industrial applications and environments

  • Clamp-on Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Choose Small Pipe or Large Pipe Sensors
  • Internal Battery and/or AC Powered
  • Easy Calibration and Set-up
  • Flow Proportionate Pulse Output
  • 4-20mA Output

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: PT500

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Radar Level Transmitter for Liquid Material

Radar Level Transmitter for Liquid Material

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ApplicationFood and Beverages Water / Wastewater Chemicals with vapors
Max Pressure5 bar (without De-coupler)
EnclosureAluminum or S.S-94 V
Ingress ProtectionNEMA4 (IP-65)Type 4/4X
We are a well-renowned trader and supplier of the best Radar Level Transmitter for Liquid Material. This transmitter is designed and manufactured using first-class factor inputs and up to date technology in adherence with the industrial quality standards by our vendors. Rigorously tested on dissimilar quality parameters to ensure its consistency, our clients can avail this transmitter from us in various specifications as per their requirements.

  • Programmable and Self Adjusting Tracking Radar with Output 4-20 mA/ 20-4mA (Isolated on 4 Wire Model's only )
  • Optional RS232 OR RS485 For communications with calibration diagnostics & data logging software
  • PL Compatible (Modbus RTU) Three or four Wire Operation
  • Also Available 2 wire with HART output.

  • Temperature: -40to 140 F (-40 to 60 C)
  • Approvals: FCC Part 15 - Low communication device
  • Installation category: class II

  • Temperature PP Rod: - 40 to 176 F (-40 to 80º )
  • De-coupler & PTFE Rod - 40 to 350 F(-40 to 177º C)
  • Material Dielectric: Er >2

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    Bearing Tester

    Bearing Tester

    Price on Request
    ApplicationIndustrial Use
    Frequency50 Hz to 1,000 Hz
    Vibration Limit50 g peak (100 g peak-peak)
    Signal to Noise Ratio80 dB
    Sensitivity100 mV g +/-10%
    Backed by our flourishing business processes, we are able to trade and supply a flawless quality Bearing Tester. Our vendor’s experts design and manufacture this bearing tester using superior quality raw material and latest technology. In line up with the international quality standard, offered bearing tester is thoroughly tested in opposition to various quality parameters by our quality controllers. Moreover, offered bearing tester is used evaluating and checking condition of all types ball & roller bearings on site.


    • Accuracy in result
    • Robustness
    • Optimum performance

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