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We are a leading Wholesale Trader of eps 625 diesel system testing, eps 708 diesel system testing, nozzle tester, eps 100 diesel system testing, eps 205 diesel system testing and eps 815 diesel system testing from Indore, India.
EPS 625 Diesel System Testing

EPS 625 Diesel System Testing

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ModelEPS 625
Dimension2320 x 950 x 1730 mm
Weight1000 kg
Drive Power18.5 kW
Motor Efficiency in Full Load92.4 %
Torque115 Nm ( 0 to 1500 rpm), 40 Nm at 4000 rpm
Speed Range50-4000 RPM
Speed Range Accuracy+/-2 (More than 100 rpm)
Direction of RotationCW/ACW Left/Right
  • The EPS 625 from Bosch offers adequate drive power, high torque with even-running characteristics and exact speed control for accurate testing of inline and distributor type pumps

Heavy duty injection pump test bench with HMI for your workshop:
  • By using the PES 625 universal component test bench, powerful conventional inline and distribution injection pumps, both from Bosch as well as other manufacturers, can be tested. As a result, the specifications from the engine and vehicle manufacturers can be maintained. Because of its robust and easy-to-use technology, the EPS 625 is a cost effective and long-lasting investment for the workshop.

Features that become your benefits:
  • Fine measuring accuracy due to
  • Robust 18.5 kW direct drive unit, 4 pole motor
  • Digital speed measurement
  • Digital stroke counter and control
  • Digital temperature measurement
  • Excellent even running characteristics due to large flywheel mass
  • High torque at lower speed ranges provided by variable frequency converter drive (special drive)
  • Maintenance friendly modular design
  • 12/24V power supply output
  • Test Oil pump is driven by dedicated 0.55 kW AC motor
  • Overload relay for motor protection with individual breaker switches
  • Torsionally stiff, anti-backlash coupling
  • Removable cover panels for easy servicing
  • Float switch in tank monitors calibration oil level
Details at a glance:
  • Important sub-assemblies/ controls
  • Measuring glass tray (260 cm3 and 44 cm3) with height adjustment control
  • Pressure (phasing for both calibration and phasing) control valve
  • Calibration oil tank, 50 litre capacity
  • Test oil tandem pump unit and 0.55 kW AC motor (driver)
  • Electrical system control box
  • 18.5 kW AC motor, 4 pole
  • Human machine interface (HMI) control unit with stroke, temperature and speed display
  • Control on/off and emergency stop buttons
  • ISO anti-backlash coupling
  • Main switch
  • Variable frequency converter

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: EPS625

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EPS 708 Diesel System Testing

EPS 708 Diesel System Testing

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ModelEPS 708
Power8 kW
Maximum Torque61 Nm (motor)
Speed Range0-4,000 RPM
Input Frequency50/60 Hz
Test Pressure18-220 MPa
Temperature Control Range30-50, +/- 0.5 deg C
Dimension2,070x1,850x790 mm
Weight850/920 kg, with cooler without/ with operating supplies approx.
Three Phase Current Nominal Voltage380-400/200-240400 VAC, V/ 230 V
  • The injection pressures on which modern common-rail diesel engines run have risen constantly over the last few years. 2,000 bar is nowadays already normal. The new diesel test bench EPS 708 from Bosch – specially designed for common rail pumps and injectors – therefore permits testing with up to 2,200 bar. Its newly developed rail is designed for pressures up to 2,500 bar, which means that the test bench is prepared for future developments in diesel technology

Benefits to the workshop:Future-proof:
  • Testing up to 2,200 bar
  • Rail designed for up to 2,500 bar (can be extended with further add-on kits in the future)
  • Integrated cooling system reduces water consumption in the workshop
  • Electronic monitoring and display of service intervals
  • Self diagnosis system indicates necessary filter change

State-of-the-art and precise:
  • Electronic Quantity Measurement
  • Electronic supply pressure control
  • Simple pump assembly without clutch cover

  • Immediate engine shutdown if hood is opened
  • Hood protects against loose parts

Scope of Delivery:
  • Test bench, monitor, mouse, computer units, mains connection lead, hydraulic hoses, software package, protective cover, 2,500 bar rail.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: EPS708

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Nozzle Tester

Nozzle Tester

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ApplicationFor testing injection pressure, leakage, repetition, pray pattern and atomization
Nozzle SizeR & S, P.T
Pressure Gauge0-400 kgf/cm2
Connecting Thread SizeM 12 x 1.5 mm/ M 14 x 1.5 mm
Weight8.5 kg
Standard AccessoriesHigh pressure pipes (2 Nos each)
Thread SizeM 14 x 1.5 mm, M 14 x 1.5 / M 12 x 1.5 mm
  • Bosch Nozzle tester has been developed utilizing decades of experience in the design, manufacture and testing of nozzles

  • Injection pump mounted on a base and operated with a hand lever
  • Test oil container with filter
  • Shut-off valve to isolate the pressure gauge while operating hand lever at high speed
  • Pressure gauge 0-400 bar (LC:2 bar)
  • High pressure pipes for connecting the injector

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EPS 100 Diesel System Testing

EPS 100 Diesel System Testing

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ModelEPS 100
Test Pressure LineM 14 x 1.5 / M 12 x 1.5
Pressure Gauge0 - 40 MPa 100 dia.
Strength Class0.6,M 20 X 15
Future-proof and flexible design:
  • Testing and adjustment of injection-nozzle opening pressure
  • Assessment of the injection spray with regard to shape and atomization (injection-spray pattern)
  • Checking for leaks in injection nozzles, and checking the chatter properties on two-spring nozzle holders, stepped nozzle holders, and UI/UP applications

Efficient Work:
  • Reduced total error (+/- 2.4 bar) through high read-off (1 bar) and pressure gauge accuracy
  • Idling vibrations of the engine can be avoided by extremely accurate analysis of the smallest possible leaks
  • Electronic Control Unit Diagnostics

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: EPS100

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Eps 205 Diesel System Testing

Eps 205 Diesel System Testing

Price on Request
ModelEPS 205
WeightUpto 120 kg
UsageAuto Testing Machine
  • Testing diesel components safely and easily:
  • Piezo CRI (from Bosch and third-party manufacturer)
  • Solenoid valve CRI (Bosch and other third-party manufacturers) and solenoid valve CRIN (Bosch)
  • DHK and UI nozzles (warranty assessment possible)
  • Step Holders

More power in a compact format: EPS 205 Efficient common-rail injector test:
  • Flow-based injector test using a piezo CRI test as example
  • Leak test
  • Injector start behavior(without return flow counter-pressure)
  • ISA tuning
  • Full-load quantity (VL)
  • Pilot injection quantity(VE)
  • Idle quantity (LL)
  • Emission Quantity (EM)
  • Actuator resistance

Conventional nozzle test (DHK and UI nozzle):
  • Combination leak test (inner leak test)
  • Seat leak test
  • Electric buzz test
  • Measurement of nozzle opening pressure

  • Environmental and user-friendliness: Minimal oil mist in the workshop through integrated suction device

Efficient working:
  • Very high economic feasibility through automatic testing, simple menu with graphical and numerical display of measurement results.
  • Integrated database for storage for test values and customer data
  • Test values "on board" (CD Test Data) on delivery of the device, selection via part numbers
  • Integrated flushing program for clean diesel components in DHK and UI testing
  • Realistic operating state from pressure generation up to 1800 bar via the integrated common-rail-high-pressure pump

Efficient operation:
  • Intuitive user interface with touch-screen operation
  • Simple shutdown of the return flow counter- pressure

Functional design:
  • Space-saving compact form
  • Windows XP embedded operating system
  • Interface for printer, monitor, CD/DVD drive, keyboard, mouse, network connection

The most important new product features are:
  • Piezo test (CRI) - Bosch, Denso, Siemens
  • Single clamping and injection chamber for all components
  • Easy handling during injector clamping operation
  • CRIN clamping operation using the existing CRI/CRIN 848H adapter
  • Measuring injectors > 1800 bar (with reduced test step)
  • Accurate measuring technology

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: EPS205

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EPS 815 Diesel System Testing

EPS 815 Diesel System Testing

Price on Request
ModelEPS 815
TypeHigh performance diesel component testing
WeightUpto 150 kg
  • The EPS 815 is a universal test bench with 15kW drive output for pumps up to 12 cylinders. The forward-looking design of the test bench allows diesel specialists to test high-performance components of the latest generations both from Bosch and other manufacturers. This is ensured by the expansion options of EPS 815 with for example: MGT/ KMA, VPM 844/ CRS 845/ CRI 846/ CAM 847, CP 1/2/3 CRIN and external systems.
  • The specifications of the automobile manufacturers and the legal emission regulations are adhered to. Even testing of future diesel injection components is assured, thanks to the continuous developments of the optional accessory sets.

  • Environmental and user-friendliness is achieved by means of reduction in oil gas and oil mist
  • Outstanding true-running characteristics and speed stability ensure high reproducibility, especially during the injection cycle: Direct drive, High flywheel mass, Rotational-speed control with an extremely short speed control timePosition control
  • The weight counterbalance during height adjustment of the measuring device makes work considerably easier
  • Longer service life, because hardly any re-bending work is required on the test pipes (the measuring device can be adjusted on all three levels)
  • Fully-automatic test sequence1 in connection with KMA 802/822

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Price on Request
Frequency40 kHz
Timer1-99 mins, digital timer
  • The vibrating unit at the bottom of the tank transmits high frequency waves to the liquid. This causes continuous agitation in the liquid and results in the formation of millions of tiny vacuum bubbles. This process is called “Cavitation”. These vacuum bubbles collapse on the surface of the immersed nozzle from all sides exerting enormous explosive force over a tiny area. This action is repeated millions of times per minutes, which dislodges all the dirt and soot particles without any mechanical brushing process on the nozzle head

Clear alpha-numerical backlit LCD display:
  • Completely water-proof flushed SS body making it almost water tight
  • Tamper-proof front panel
  • Fully transistorized generator
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Standard built-in timer
  • Automatic frequency tuning for maximum output

  • Simple to install. Easy to operate
  • Cleans intricate parts inaccessible by mechanical methods
  • Maintenance free
  • Latest Technology
  • Low operating cost
  • Increased productivity

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